Paper Boat.


Phone was Ringing….I put it on hold.These Days Incoming Doesnt cost even Pennies.You Can Afford keeping People on hold untill they start complaining and there’s some Risk of Relationship.

Water was Driping Making the same Sound as  one like in Background score of Movies shot in Monsoon narrating a story of a girl looking till horizon and waiting for her love to come.

It was the time for them to make memories,which i made and everyone of us made before the streets were covered with concrete floors.they were glad the municipal wala didnt pass the orders for pitching the road.

Grewing  up in 90’s . Throwing Paper Boats From Window’s or Porch and then waiting whose boats Reaches the edge.who’s gonna are your elder and smarter sister considered intelligent at every end of the result day.

Every Paper Boat had Different stories to say and thousand of smiles Captured in it. Sometime it brought smiles and some time cries. But a Beautiful Story everytime. Kneeling Down at the small Dock and you directing your own  boat according to laws physics  even you have never heard of it.

A story of hopes and story of Rain,A story in which you were the hero and you were the were learning important lessions of your life,where there was no Pen or ink but a Paper and you knew its gonna die and sink for it has a very short Life.Its Gonna Loose And Vanish away. And it taught you which none could every teach. Your Paper Boat.

And then ..its too late .Pick up the phone,the person on the other side is swearing in the name of sunil Bharti mittal’s  for keeping high call rates and cursing you.Getting Back from the flash back All you can do is Miss your Paper Boats. And Stories Written on your Paper Boats. Your Stories,Different Stories,Stories of Love,Stories of Your first victory and Countless others.

But Different stories every time. When u sailed with your  Paper Boats across the  sea every time .Time when  Captain Jack Sparrow never existed.And no Gullivers movies ever got screened.

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  1. Praful Sharma says:

    It truly reflects a gesture of childhood implication well molded with a coat of of fantasy….well written sir

    1. Its all about the old memories..that we lived on and a little dose of fiction into it dear…thats the only source 🙂

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